2020 CSA

Please email us if you are still interested in a CSA share. We may expand or have cancellations. In this event, we will offer CSA shares to our waitlist in order of receiving them. 


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About the Farm

Skipping Stone Garden is a 1/4 acre, diverse-vegetable market garden near Mud Bay in Olympia WA, with a second property in West Olympia. Every veggie that comes from our farm is grown with care and harvested fresh by us- Sarah and Gabriel!

While we are not currently certified-organic, we use only OMRI-approved organic inputs. We use ecologically-conscious methods of growing such as low tillage, cover cropping, and "feeding" compost to the soil - because it takes a whole lot more than just dedicated farmers to grow nutritious, sustainable food. 


How the CSA Works

CSA members will receive a freshly harvested and diverse bag of produce once per week during the CSA season. All of the produce is grown by just the two of us, and our members can pick up their bags at market, or have them delivered to their home*.

*Currently only Olympia residents may use the home delivery option. If you want to check with us about your location let's chat!

By buying in to the farm through purchase of a CSA share you gain a direct connection to your source of food and fellow community members. You pay in advance for the veggies, and will receive incredible seasonal, fresh veggies every week, but also take on the very same risks we do that go along with the work of planting, caring for and harvesting food. When you join on with us, you become a full partner!

The CSA method of getting produce is a great way to have some portion of your food needs met while maintaining a sense of safety in getting your food. You are also supporting the local supply chain and keeping the local economy in business. Typically in winter and early spring, farms go through a period of reduced to no income. The CSA model fixes that gap, allowing farms to pay their overhead costs and ultimately to grow the food you will receive over the span of the CSA season!


Dates, Deliveries and Pickups

The CSA season begins the weekend of Saturday, May 16 and continues for 20 weeks through the weekend of Sunday, September 27. 

Pickup is on Saturdays or Sundays at the Olympia Farmers Market between the hours of 10:00-3:00pm. You will be able to choose either Saturdays or Sundays for your pickup date. 

Delivery*  to your home is also an option on Saturdays between the hours of 4:00 and 7:00 pm. We ask you to commit to being present during the delivery hours to ensure you receive your produce at its freshest! The last thing we want is to leave your produce in the sun, at your front door. We will give you a curtesy call or text, notifying you we are dropping off your produce. It will be your responsibility to retrieve it in a timely manner. 

*For Olympia residents only. If you want to check with us on your location, please reach out to chat. We know there are some very close residences just past the city limits that can be lumped in as part of Olympia.

We ask when you choose either pickup or delivery, you stick with that choice for the whole CSA season. However, in the event circumstances change with Covid-19 or you have an emergency or a change in situation, we are prepared to alter this to ensure your safety and peace of mind. 


Share Sizes and Prices

We offer two sizes of shares: 

$400 for “ The little Veggie” share ($20 per week)

$600 for “The Big Veggie” share ($30 per week)

“The Little Veggie” shares are designed to get you the basics. An example could be your greens (salad/lettuce), some roots, a microgreen container, and one other seasonal item ( items may vary week to week). This is great for 1-2 people or a family that wants  just the basics.

“The Big Veggie” shares will have several more portions included that would be good for 3-4 people that want to love on all the veggies with larger portions. An example could be a big salad/more heads of lettuce, multiple microgreens, several roots, & several seasonal items (items may vary week to week).



If you wish to purchase a CSA, please  fill out the form at the bottom of this page. You can pay online using your checkbook, or by mailing us a physical check. ( If payment by check is not an option for you, please reach out to us!)

Payment is due by May 1st or at registration for membership. 

By purchasing a share and receiving receipt, you agree to our terms set on this page.


Absence/ Missed Pickups:

In the event the market closes unexpectedly, we will notify you of a new pickup site nearby or will arrange for home delivery. 

We do not offer a refund or credit for missed pickups. 

For un-scheduled absences on your pickup day we ask that you coordinate to have a friend or family member pick up your share. If you are unable to have someone pick up your share it will be donated to the local food bank or a person or family in need. 


Pickup Locations

The Olympia Farmers Market is the current only pickup location, however you can specify if you wish to pickup on Saturday or Sunday via the questionnaire we will send to you.


Contact us at skippingstonegarden@gmail.com 


Ready to be a member of our little farm?

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